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Hello everyone!

I've been considering learning to row and joining your Club for a while and am not sure whom I should talk to about lessons and starting out. Can anyone suggest a contact person?



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2 Unemployment & The Boat Race on Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:07 pm

JMo, you raise an excellent point about the inverse correlation between W-2 status and the medal stand. Being a lightweight 31 year old with (let's just say, not quite a sub 6:15 erg) and with the Olympics not paying very well, I'm not sure that I should explore your theory too closely. Then again, there is always a sabbatical over to the UK where I have 5 years to squeak in under Wherley's 36 y/o Boat Race age record. That said, we saw how great (NOT) the Light Blues did today as the non-ultraheavyweight crew in TBR. TBR is on replay tonight on ESPNU. Turn off the basketball, turn on the rowing!!
Speaking of TBR, you should do a degree program for Cambridge after SBTS finishes. After today, they're going to ramp up the recruiting, I guarantee it. With the real envelope-pushing training this lawyer puts you through, you should be a lock to avoid Goldie and instill fear on the Thames. Or, maybe for reasons other than the training we can provide for you here at lovable LRC....
Cheers AB

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3 Body of joke on Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:05 am

Of course, "educator" doesn't sound as good. I mean, we have the start of a pretty good joke here:

"A lawyer, a minister, and a physicist go rowing on a dark morning..."

Yes, it was dark this AM, but the water was flat and the wind was absent (and there weren't any junior around). Why do we row in the afternoon?

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4 Unemployment on Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:27 pm

Crum, I just thought I would point out that if you quit your job you will have more time to row. Just look at how much PR and I row, who are basically unemployed (an educator and a student) versus how much Bob, who actually has a job, gets to row. I think the evidence speaks for itself.

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