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Chanel J12 watch of wrist of Chromatic start

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1 Chanel J12 watch of wrist of Chromatic start on Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:58 am

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This special black geometry space is J12 Chromatic ceramic wrist watch new titanium XiLieZhan and build, with three coherent independent compartment, interpretation of charming respectively deep time philosophy. The guests first stepped into "time colour" lie between, face to face with thunder and lightning fast changing sky, replica Chanel handbags interpretation of this watch of wrist of high-tech precision titanium ceramic strap how to capture the storm sky and aurora borealis colour. In "symbol" cubicle, from text, symbols and astrology and other aspects of the digital interpretation "12" in the world of the culture of symbolic significance, since 2000, the number 12 wrist watch the world for bring symbolic, like a digital 5 in perfume group important. "And the time integration" is the most mysterious lie between, a black background in the film and time for leading role, deduce the people how to finally realize master time documentary.

Chromatic ceramic J12 watch of wrist of titanium XiLieZhan also specially set up a display area, the guests can here and try this new he series, as in each replica Chanel bags high-quality goods store the honourable of courtesy.Chanel in China advocates bring leads the world special experience!Match the comet high-quality jewelry series earrings, with bright starlight reflect time philosophy.
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